Sep 4, 2010

Demonoid Signups are now open

Demonoid Sign ups are now open. Get a Demonoid account here..

Demonoid is the world's one of the largest torrent tracker which holds more than 30 million torrents at this time.
However it is a private torrent tracker. Which means that you need to have a Demonoid user account to download torrents from the site.

However signups are open only for a limited time and you need to check the site whether they are opens the user registrations.

Sep 3, 2010

Gmail priority emails

Google Gmail introduces priority email service, which you can view your important emails over other emails. Priority Email service will separate all your important emails and brings to front of email list.

Just go to your Gmail Account and activate the Priority Inbox and make settings to enable the feature. This will be a great service for those who receive bunch of emails everyday and to sort out important emails.

Just try it at your Gmail Account or read more here..

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