Mar 21, 2009

Get 500$ free every week with Tissa Godavitarne's People Search Engine

Here is an amazing opportunity for most of you loooking for an steady income throughout the life.Most people called this program as Tissa's Program or Tissa Godavitarne's People Search Engine.

There are people who makes more than 2500$ per week with Tissa godavitarne's People Search Engine.
The most awesome thing is you have nothing to spend on this program. Tissa Godavitarne guarantees that he can make an amount of 125$ to you, within the first week with his free advertising on Google, MSN, Facebook and Yahoo.

Here we says 500$ per week, because of some people making money same as to that amount per week. However you should know how to get more traffic to your niche search engine and promoting your site on the internet to make an amount of 500$ or more.

So you can make 500$ or more than (no limit for earnings) just after complete few steps with tissa godavitarne's program.
Here are features of Tissa Godavitarne's Program.

1. First you sign up with Tissa godavitarne's program here and make a your own people search engine. You can either host it with Tissa godavitarne or your own .ws (GDI)domain and web host for free. (conditions apply for web host) You have nothing to spend on each of these.

2. Tissa Godavitarne will create the search engine for you on your host or a Tissa affiliate site.

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4. Tissa will promote your People Search Engine in Google, Yahoo, Facebook and MSN for free which worths 125$.
Yes 125$ free advertising for your Search Engine ! .

5. Then check your Acme-People account balance and within Adsense, Clickbank, HD publishing. You will see a good amount of earnings earned so far. here Tissa godavitarne Guarantees 125$ income within first week, However earning potential is unlimited. sometimes it may be 500$ or 5000$.

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Cotact Details of Tissa.
Tissa Godavitarne
2325 Dulles Corner Blvd., 5th Floor
Herndon, VA 20170
703-788-6758 Office
703-997-8498 FAX

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Mar 20, 2009

Undo sent messages in Gmail

Now you can undo the message you sent by your Gmail account.
It's another experimental feature of Gmail lab has found, which you can find in the crowded space of experimental features from Gmail Labs.

After you enabling the 'Undo Send" feature you can view the link at the top to undo your message being sent. The link to "undo" will disapper within 05 seconds, So you have to take the decision to undo message as soon as possible. Just click on 'Undo" or in windows Ctrl+Z to revert it back.

The simple theory behind this feature is your message will not be sent within 05 seconds after you click on send message. message will sent to the recipient just after a 05 seconds.
However do you think a 05 seconds is enough for to take a decision to not to send message ?
No matter it's a one of the great feature that Google lab founded.
Finally Thanks for Gmail lab and Google.

Source : Googlesystem

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