Dec 14, 2009

Demonoid Comes Back ! Site is alive now .

Yeah, Demonoid comes back to the Internet. Fruiting the hopes of many torrent lovers as me. I said this return before a month ago that 'Demonoid will return in December'. My words has become true by returning of Demonoid Torrent site.

I think that I don't want to introduce Demonoid to many of you torrent lovers. Demonoid is the largest semi private torrent tracker on the internet tracking many great torrents and with more than 300,000 seeded torrents by millions of users.

Earlier Demonoid said that they have lost some user registrations and other data. However I was really happy to see that my Demonoid user account works fine as before. And the great news is I can even create Demonoid Invitation codes and send them.

For the joy of return of Demonoid I'll send another 10 Demonoid Invitation codes for free in less than two days. I'll exactly tell you the date and time in my next post. So far I have given away more than 170 Demonoid invitation codes to the visitors of this blog. In the next scheduled Give awayI'll give you 10 Demonoid Codes. So stay connected with us.

You also can quickly Get Demonoid Invitation codes at Colombo77 by filling a form.

Dec 11, 2009

Google New Look !

Finally Google changed it's look appearance of search result pages.
Google colors also changed so emphasized blue color heavily.Google has added an additional column in the left site of the search results page showing options to select relating to every searches.

It also seems that it works on intelligence basis. If your search related to many images then you can see 'search images' option in left sidebar. If a search more related to news then 'search news' option appears.

One of the great feature added to the Google search result page is 'Real time search'. people some times does not want to search old data. But google search pages in past mostly showed old results of searches. However people now can choose at what time their searches should came.

The new look seems working fine and it eases the online search of people by reducing search time and providing up to date information by integrating real time search.

Block Flash in Google Chrome


Flash objects are used by many web sites to present interactive content to their users.
However Flash contents are always slows down loading time of web pages and it is really annoying if you using slow internet connection. Firefox has a better flash block extension and now Google chrome too has an extension that you can block flash content of web pages.

Download flash block for Google Chrome.

Note: Before downloading any extensions to Google chrome, you have to upgrade Chrome to beta version (12/2009) if not yet upgraded. Then you can install chrome extensions from the Chrome extension page it self.

My Review:
Easy to install and no need to restart the browser after installation. (common advantage of all Chrome extensions)
It works fine so far and seems as best as the extension for Firefox.
Rate: 9/10.

Dec 5, 2009

Top torrent sites of 2009

Are you looking for torrent site that can be replace Mininova or Demonoid ?
Yes there are torrent sites that you can use Instead of Demonoid and Mininova.
As we said in previous posts Demonoid is currently inactive and mininova agrees to abide with Piracy Free file sharing. So most torrents removed by Mininova and they will never host torrents in their servers.
For Americans it is illegal to share copyrighted materials. But USA not blocks the access to torrent sites.

Here is a List of Best Torrent sites in 2009

H33T Torrents

One of the best torrent site with 2.8 million indexed torrents
You can download torrents via HTTP, Magnet links and regular BitTorrent.

4.1 million active torrents across 128000 trackers.
A bold torrent tracker now facing legal anti piracy threats.   



2.8 million torrents

Easy to Sign up Private Torrent site

A largest torrent indexer
6 million + active torrents.
A Torrent search indexer 
4.1 million torrents

4.5 million indexed torrents. 
Music, Movies and Also Tracks XXX torrents.


Private Torrent tracker.


A large Movie torrent base hosted by their own

Hopes this top torrent sites list interesting to you.
Some of these sites might already known by you. on the other hand some top torrent sites not in this list. If your favorite torrent site is not here please comment on post with details of it.

Dec 4, 2009 Promo codes - December 2009

As we always note is the internet's low cost domain name registrar. if you need to get your domain names at low cost has cool payment plans. Also is top domain registrar on the internet. It popularized among web masters due to it's low cost domain names with reliable offers.

Here are the coupon codes for domain registrations in December 2009.

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KILLIGREW - $14.99 Domain Nabber

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