Dec 11, 2009

Block Flash in Google Chrome


Flash objects are used by many web sites to present interactive content to their users.
However Flash contents are always slows down loading time of web pages and it is really annoying if you using slow internet connection. Firefox has a better flash block extension and now Google chrome too has an extension that you can block flash content of web pages.

Download flash block for Google Chrome.

Note: Before downloading any extensions to Google chrome, you have to upgrade Chrome to beta version (12/2009) if not yet upgraded. Then you can install chrome extensions from the Chrome extension page it self.

My Review:
Easy to install and no need to restart the browser after installation. (common advantage of all Chrome extensions)
It works fine so far and seems as best as the extension for Firefox.
Rate: 9/10.


Simy said...

OK finally we have a Firefox like Chrome. hurah!

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