Dec 11, 2009

Google New Look !

Finally Google changed it's look appearance of search result pages.
Google colors also changed so emphasized blue color heavily.Google has added an additional column in the left site of the search results page showing options to select relating to every searches.

It also seems that it works on intelligence basis. If your search related to many images then you can see 'search images' option in left sidebar. If a search more related to news then 'search news' option appears.

One of the great feature added to the Google search result page is 'Real time search'. people some times does not want to search old data. But google search pages in past mostly showed old results of searches. However people now can choose at what time their searches should came.

The new look seems working fine and it eases the online search of people by reducing search time and providing up to date information by integrating real time search.


Anonymous said...

Oh! it again moved back to it's latest style.
I think they still testing the new look.

Anonymous said...

Yes they moved back to their old style.

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