Jan 14, 2010

Tissa Godavitarne - a million worth business

Do you know that there is a person who started doing little things to earn some bucks through internet, have became a millionaire ? He is now running a successful online business making huge profits. He is the Tissa Godavitarne teaches you to on how he made huge money from the internet.

If you interested to join with Tissa follow this >> Tissa Godavitarne to take part with his online business and make money for you.
You may not have heard about Tissa Godavitarne before. No matter I'll explain every thing about Tissa.

Tissa is the person who founded a very successful online business called as Acme People Search. This is a web site created through Acme People Search. This is a free service and you can find for people all over the America through this service absolutely for free.

So how I can make money with Tissa Godavitarne ?
This will be the question all you asked from me. The answer is taking part with his business as a business partner. Wait ! I forgot to mention something interesting. You Don't need to spend a dime through this whole process. Tissa will spend for you ! and you just need to pocket the cash you earned.

Is this too good to be true ? yes, although you don't have to spend money on this program you have to do few other things. OK let's start them step by step.

01 Step: First of all Join with Tissa Godavitarne Acme People Search Program

02 Step: Follow the instructions of the program and complete all the processes. After completing the whole process you will have a web site like this.

03 Step: Now you know that you acquired a people search web site and visitors of your site can search for people for free. You should also know that you can make money through every visitor of your web site.

04 Step: What's next ? it will be the promoting your web site on the internet and getting visitors to it. There are few ways you can make good visitor base

  • Learn about what is SEO and apply SEO strategies to your site.
  • Advertise your site on Facebook, Digg, Twitter etc. these are free services which you can post your web site link.
  • If you can afford go for paid advertising - Google Adsense, Facebook paid ads, Adbrite etc.
05 Step: Pocket the cash you earned through your unique web site.

If you need to know more about the Tissa Godavitarne Program you can contact them here.

Cotact Details of Tissa.
Tissa Godavitarne
2325 Dulles Corner Blvd., 5th Floor
Herndon, VA 20170
703-788-6758 Office
703-997-8498 FAX

Tissa Godavitarne Support Forum
Join With Tissa Godavitarne


new acme said...

I have made an account with Tissa and now I want to get some free traffic to my web site. Also I need to know about other ways that I can make money with tissa. Please I need a brief description talking to the point.

Greatly appreciate if you can do it.

Tissa Godavitarne Program said...

There's no any thing called free traffic.
But if you know internet Marketing you can get more money. There's a person joined under me now making 700$ per month net profit from Tissa Godavitarne Program.

Most of them learned through experience so play a bit with Tissa Godavitarne Acme people Search program and you will learn lot more.

making few dollars per day is really easy with Tissa. If you joined under me you will receive guides on how to success with this.

Thank You for your interesting.

Acme People Search said...

Have a good browse through their excellent forum. You will find lots of advice there on how to drive traffic paid and non paid. The forum is a good starting point.

Good Luck :-)

Johnson said...

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