Jan 5, 2010

how to download google books

Google Books is http://books.google.com/ is a project that you can browse and read books of Libraries all over the world. Google Books now listing books of several major libraries of the world.

Google books not allowed you to download books. You can just select a book on Google Book Search and read it.

However now you can download Google Books and save them as PDF to your PC with Google Book Downloader. It is a small application which will save Google books to desktop as a PDF file.

This version allows to download books marked as to full view (but it does not mean you can download it from google). You can try download books without this mark, but not all pages will be downloaded.

To run this software you need to install Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 SP1. Download Microsoft .net framework on Softpedia


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Thanks for the tip.

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Download google books easily
Watch youtube tutorial

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