Nov 30, 2009

Demonoid Comes back in December

World's largest semi private bittorent tracker Demonoid has been down from last September 2009 due to some hardware problems. Demonoid Admins said that they have lost some data and user accounts.

After the breakdown of demonoid torrent site, there were many rumors came up that Demonoid shuts down operations due to increasing pressure from anti piracy groups and law suits. Some said that Demonoid opens new torrent sites and some said Demonoid will never come back.

Despite of these all rumors loyal Demonoid fans and torrent lovers much expected the return of Demonoid to the torrent arena. Recently Demonoid Admins announced that they are planning to immediate recovery of their site and Demonoid is more likely to come alive in later of this December or year 2010.

They also said that their attempts are succeeded and Demonoid managed to rewritten the code they have lost and it is almost done already. Now they are taking suitable measures to their servers located in Ukraine in order to prevent such future damages.

Demonoid Invitations are also alive now. 

What is Google Wave ? Reviews and Screenshots

Google Wave is an online social and communication application developed by Google which is same as the Facebook and other social media sites.
We have received a Google Wave access recently, this is based on our findings and experience with Wave so far.

What we can do with Google Wave ?
1. Make and Share Documents, Notes, Images, videos etc.
2. Wave can updated by participants
3. Playback enables you to view who has updated and added notes and extra items to a wave.
4. An advanced form of chatting

If a group of people needs to make a document get updates, notes, features to the document from all involved it can be easily done through Google wave.

People also have the ability to upload documents, pictures, videos to Google Wave and share them with the participants or contacts.

Wave using addons and extensions that can be used with Wave to run polls, surveys etc.

The most important thing is Google still not opens up the public to sign up with wave. however you can ask for a Wave invite through the Google wave official web site.

We are also preparing to give some invites to our readers and we will tell you how to get Google Wave invites from us. We are giving these invites for free.
Just come back to the site to get free Wave invites.

Google Chrome OS Information, reviews and screenshots

Recently Google has showed off the features of their upcoming Operating System, Google Chrome OS or Chromium OS. This is another Operating System which users can use to work with application software, just Like Mocrosoft Windows - XP, vista, Windows7 etc.

However Chrome uses Cloud Computing, which it is run through the Internet and No softwares installed within user PC. This is a new idea and most viewed that it is a reaching highest point of web based applications.

The code for Google OS is now open for developers and can see what is all about this new operating system that is to be launched in next year.

Many guys in the Google and tech. arena says that they expecting the release of Chromium OS before March 2010. However the release of Windows 7 OS by Microsoft has slowed down the interest to Chrome OS during past weeks. People getting to say that Windows 7 is the best OS so far and Microsoft also assured that it will be better than trouble making Vista OS.

Google Chrome is mainly focus on three things which are:
1. Speed
2. Ease of Use
3. Simplicity

According to demonstrations by the Google itself and other tech heads, Google OS is based on Chrome browser. When you log in to Chrome OS it first opens the Chrome Browser and lets you manipulate around it.

Nov 15, 2009 is down ?

9down is a web site publishing recent software news and software downloads.
People can download most proprietary software free in
9down it self not provides the full software packages, however users upload and shares the software with
However currently is down and can't accesible. It seems that 9down server is encountering problems.

These days Digital rights groups continually pressing on torrent sites and other parties who engaged in software piracy, to halt illegal sharing of software.
As a consequence a leading torrent site, now removing all applications that violates the copyright laws. however many top players are still in the scenario, such as pirate bay, isohunt and other file sharing agents.

Demonoid a leading semi private torrent site also down for few months and demonoid admins said that it was due to a server/hardware problems.

Nov 12, 2009 Promo Codes - November

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