Nov 30, 2009

What is Google Wave ? Reviews and Screenshots

Google Wave is an online social and communication application developed by Google which is same as the Facebook and other social media sites.
We have received a Google Wave access recently, this is based on our findings and experience with Wave so far.

What we can do with Google Wave ?
1. Make and Share Documents, Notes, Images, videos etc.
2. Wave can updated by participants
3. Playback enables you to view who has updated and added notes and extra items to a wave.
4. An advanced form of chatting

If a group of people needs to make a document get updates, notes, features to the document from all involved it can be easily done through Google wave.

People also have the ability to upload documents, pictures, videos to Google Wave and share them with the participants or contacts.

Wave using addons and extensions that can be used with Wave to run polls, surveys etc.

The most important thing is Google still not opens up the public to sign up with wave. however you can ask for a Wave invite through the Google wave official web site.

We are also preparing to give some invites to our readers and we will tell you how to get Google Wave invites from us. We are giving these invites for free.
Just come back to the site to get free Wave invites.

Screen shots of Wave:



Nash said...

Please send me a invitation to Wave to this mail:
I think you will send me a one because I'm the first here.
Thank You.

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