Nov 30, 2009

Demonoid Comes back in December

World's largest semi private bittorent tracker Demonoid has been down from last September 2009 due to some hardware problems. Demonoid Admins said that they have lost some data and user accounts.

After the breakdown of demonoid torrent site, there were many rumors came up that Demonoid shuts down operations due to increasing pressure from anti piracy groups and law suits. Some said that Demonoid opens new torrent sites and some said Demonoid will never come back.

Despite of these all rumors loyal Demonoid fans and torrent lovers much expected the return of Demonoid to the torrent arena. Recently Demonoid Admins announced that they are planning to immediate recovery of their site and Demonoid is more likely to come alive in later of this December or year 2010.

They also said that their attempts are succeeded and Demonoid managed to rewritten the code they have lost and it is almost done already. Now they are taking suitable measures to their servers located in Ukraine in order to prevent such future damages.

Demonoid Invitations are also alive now. 


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