Mar 20, 2009

Undo sent messages in Gmail

Now you can undo the message you sent by your Gmail account.
It's another experimental feature of Gmail lab has found, which you can find in the crowded space of experimental features from Gmail Labs.

After you enabling the 'Undo Send" feature you can view the link at the top to undo your message being sent. The link to "undo" will disapper within 05 seconds, So you have to take the decision to undo message as soon as possible. Just click on 'Undo" or in windows Ctrl+Z to revert it back.

The simple theory behind this feature is your message will not be sent within 05 seconds after you click on send message. message will sent to the recipient just after a 05 seconds.
However do you think a 05 seconds is enough for to take a decision to not to send message ?
No matter it's a one of the great feature that Google lab founded.
Finally Thanks for Gmail lab and Google.

Source : Googlesystem


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