Jan 29, 2009

Demonoid Registrations are now open - No need an Invitation

This may be a very good news for all you like Demonoid.
Demonoid Registrations are now open again and you don't need an Invitation to register with them.
Quickly go to the Demonoid sign up page.

Demonoid is among the best torrent trackers in the world.
It has a good and rare collection of applications, movies, songs, films and other.


Anonymous said...

hey man ....i see you are a great guy..can i get a free demonoid registration code..if so this is my e-mail adress : peter_noster@yahoo.com.thank you.

Jorge Tellez said...

Hey i love your blog, losts of tips and info, i visit your blog once a day, i dont use to download torrents but is the easiest way, i was wondering if you could send me an invitation code for demonoid, my e-mail is MCBOLAS@HOTMAIL.COM, if you cant i understand it, but anyways, keep updating the blog, i havent seen changes un a while, you do a great job here...

Anonymous said...

pleaseee can i get an invitation .. there is a lot of materials on magic .. and i like magic very much .. my email is dobroiu_dan@yahoo.com

rupinder said...


plzzzzzz send me valid invitation code for Demonoid Registrations plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........send valid code at kumarrupinder@yahoo.com

mant thank!!!!

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