Oct 22, 2009

Free rapidshare premium Accoounts

Rapidshare is the Internet's largest and reliable file hoster.
Currently few million files are hosted in rapidshare by user around the world.
However There are limits when you download a file from Rapidshare web site as a free user.
This limit does not apply for the user who have a Premium rapidshare Accounts.
This will cost about 25$ for 06 months period.

By getting a Premium Rapidshare account you will have:
No waiting time before downloading
Maximum download speeds
Use of Download Manager
Download 2GB sized files

The great news is you may need not to buy a Premium rapidshare accounts to use premium features. We will give you a rapidshare Premium account for free once you completed a free survey.

So far we have offered more than 05 Rapidshare Premium accounts for our user.
We also have another 20+ Rapidshare Premium Accounts for you and the list is still increasing. We bought these accounts legally and offers you once you have completed a free survey.

Get A Rapidshare Premium Account now !


Disanth said...

I complete a Survey and when I get the account ?

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bisnismen said...

thanks this informations. nice to post

Anonymous said...

:: Rapidshare Account Creator ::

Tell your friends as fast as you can.

My dad told me about this app. Literally what it does it steals rapidshare accounts through a hole in their firewall then it attacks their database.

Here is the link:


All you have to do is:
1. download
2. type your email address in
3. Select the length of account you want.

Then within 3 mins, you'll get an email from rapidshare saying: Here is your new purchased account

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