Oct 23, 2008

Blogger disabled custom favicons

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The blogger or google's blogspot have blocked using the custom favicon's within blogs.
Before blogspot bloggers had been able to add custom favicons to their blogs.
So whenever a blog site loads to the browser visitor had been able to view the favicon (a small icon appeared on the left corner of the web browser's address bar) within the address bar of the browser.

A web site owner can add favicons or shortcut icons to their web sites or blogs using the following code:

<link href='http://sri.890m.com/wickum/h.gif' rel='shortcut icon'/>

But you can not seen such favicons anymore as google disabled the use of them within blogs.
Instead they replaced the blogger classic icon again.
We actually don't know why they insist bloggers to use classic shortcut icon in blogs.
But it can be seen as a improve of promotional works.

You can still enable your custom favicon in blogger.

By Moving your icon between:

<link href='http://path to icon' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='http://path to icon' rel='icon'/>

Favicons will work just same as before .
Happy Blogging

Examples of adding Favicons to blogger or a web site :

<link href='http://path to icon' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='http://path to icon' rel='icon'/>

You can use the both styles in once.


Lanka Reporter said...

But you can enable custom favicons just like before using a hack.
i'll tell it later

StyleNation said...

Seems like the hack doesn't work in Safari.

Nate said...

If you put your link both before and after $BlogMetaData$ it appears to still work

dem said...

nate is correct.
[put both linkss to favicon before and after $BlogMetaData$]

TeleC@ster said...

blocked i'm afraid

advix said...

NO Google not stated anything about favicons in TOA.

TeleC@ster said...

sorry, it works! thnx

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Tabib said...

Thanks for the tutorial.
Now I got my "bird" back!

Pemburu Uang said...

I can't find

link href='http://path to icon' rel='shortcut icon'/>
link href='http://path to icon' rel='icon'/>

in my template.

Can I still use a custom favicon?

Benjamim said...


Deceylon said...

Lot of thanks.
Works fine....

Anonymous said...

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colombopro said...

Hey the favicon is alive again.
Huge thanks

Anonymous said...

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Amanda said...

Ok, so I'm new at this. I have my favicon hosted at iconj.com as both an ico & png. But beyond that I'm lost. I have found so many different sites that say different things and if one space or dash is wrong, it doesn't work.

One for instance is that I don't have ]]> /
in the b :skin part

If it helps, I'm http://amandasapron.blogspot.com/

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ColomboPro said...

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