Oct 31, 2008

Windows 7 revealed information and images

Microsoft Windows,
Window's new operating system Windows 7 is scheduled to be lunch on the next year 2009.
Microsoft company says they includes new enhancements to the new Windows 7.
Microsoft seems to be focusing more on functionality of the windows 7 as the company says The decision to use the name Windows 7 is about simplicity and it will enable users to "work the way you want," "make everyday tasks faster and easier," and "make new things possible."
Windows 7 will be easier to connect to cameras, phones, and printers. That's handled in the OS by Windows 7's new Device Center.

What's new in the Windows 7 version

The windows 7 taskbar has many additive features and looks thicker.

The Kernal :
One very important change in Windows 7 kernel is the dismantling of the Spin Lock Dispatcher and redesign and implementation of its functionality into separate components.
The direct result of this great work is that Windows 7 can scale to 256 processors and enabled the great Landy Wang to tune Windows Memory manager to be even more efficient than it already is.


sed said...

where to download windows 7 ?
can I find it in torrents.

arv said...

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kandyan-hackers said...

windows 7 is now available at major torrent sites.

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