Jul 21, 2008

'Cacheman XP', improve the XP performance speed

CachemanXP is a Windows tuneup utility designed to improve the speed and stability of your computer by optimizing caches, recovering RAM and fine tuning a number of system settings. Oneclick-Optimization makes it suitable for novice and intermediate users yet it is also powerful and versatile enough for computer experts.
Unlike other tuneup utilities, CachemanXP runs as a system service, minimizing resource usage and tweaking Windows at system-level.

Useful Functions of cacheman XP :
* CachemanXP displays a list of loaded Windows processes (Applications and System Services) along with detailed information including RAM usage.

* The most important CachemanXP process feature is Kill Process.
which stops the process when the 'task manager' is being ignored.

* RAM-Recovery
Inactive or crashed programs are simply moved from your physical memory (RAM) to a space on your Hard Drive called the Paging File (=Swap File).

*What does CachemanXP differently?
CachemanXP will not wait with the recovery until your system runs completely out of RAM. You can configure at which state (below value) CachemanXP should perform the recovery process. The postpone recovery on high system activity option ensures that no recovery happens if you are working on an important task and do not want to be disturbed. CachemanXP will wait until the job is done and perform the recovery thereafter. Since the recovery happens earlier as usual your system will have enough RAM available a much longer time.

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