Jul 13, 2008

Tell the Google to add your blog within their search results

By default google is indexing all bloger sites within their search results.

But the default process is taking much time.
Instead You can use "Google web master central" It is the one-stop shop for webmaster resources that will help you with Crawling and indexing web sites, and to resolve all your questions regarding your web site.

Using google web master central you can enhance and increase traffic to your site, and connect you with your visitors.
Google web master central equipped with enhanced and advanced feature rich tools to help you in finding answers for all your questions regarding indexing and crawling.
G. web master is also plays a major part in your SEO project.

Some of the tools and features within Google web master:
Robots analyzer
Robots.txt generator
Define the rate of crawl (high or normal)
target specific geographic locatons (such as google.us or google.uk)
enhanced image search
Gadgets (you can add gadgets to your igoogle home page, which analyze and displayed valuable information regarding your site)
Get statistics
analyze internal and external links
Diagnostic your site

It is easy to works with google web master central and don't forget to visit frequently to web master central till your site is indexed by google.
happy blogging


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information I've never heard of Google Webmaster Central before.

- anon

jannnn said...

pls send me demonoid invitation code.. tnx
here my email add.. jntrockz@yahoo.com

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