Jul 15, 2008

Make Money with Mahalo By submitting links

'Mahalo' is a human-powered search engine that creates organized, comprehensive, and spam free search results for the most popular search terms. their search results only include great links which are first analyzed and approved by humans.

It not generates rather irrelevant results for your key words as traditional search like Google and Yahoo.With Mahalo, you can enter a simple search term and instantly get an organized page of results that only includes great links.
Their search results contain everything you need to know about a topic and are organized into sections to help you quickly find what you need. For example, travel pages for cities contain sections on basics (weather, current events, maps, history), flights, vacation packages, transportation, activities, attractions, events, tours, hotels, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and local blogs.

You also have a great opportunity to earn money by submitting a link or writing a full search page.
For a link they gives 15$ , and for a page the price is between 100$ - 200$.
What you have to do is first register with 'mahalo green house' and follow the guide.
They will tell you how you can earn more money with them.

You also can recommend high-quality links to any search term on Mahalo, either by using Mahalo Follow or by clicking on the green plus sign under the User Recommended Links section. Note: you must have a Mahalo account to recommend links. Sign up for a Mahalo account here.


Jonathan said...

Thanks for your interest in the Mahalo Greenhouse. For the record, your figures are a little bit off. We pay per search result accepted to our database, and the average price for an accepted search result page is around $10. We currently do not pay any amount for individual submitted links, though you can contribute to any Mahalo page at the bottom of the result. See our http://greenhouse.mahalo.com/Mahalo_Greenhouse_FAQ for any questions you may have.


hacker said...

to Jonathan.
But Mahalo has stated that they will pay an amount more than 100$ if a user submitted a "most wanted" search result page.

Jonathan said...

Some search results pages, mostly lengthy how-to pages such as http://www.mahalo.com/How_to_Find_Cheap_Gas or Video Game Walkthroughs, can earn someone upwards of $100 if the result is well-written. However, most of our "most wanted" search results are rated between $10 and $12. At our Most Wanted List (http://greenhouse.mahalo.com/index.php?title=Special:MostWantedSerps&action=list) you can see the pricing for wanted results. Walkthroughs can be up to $250 dollars if they are helpful and well-written.

hacker said...

As I seen,
go to mahalo how tos page and it shows all of most wanted how tos unclaimed to date.
and it shows the amount pays for each and every how tos.most of them are above 100$.
A person who contracted to write how tos be able to get that amount.
I'm also requested the contract to write a how to about 'bittorrent'.

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