Jul 3, 2008

Importance of feeds for blogger optimization.


Importance of feeds for blogger optimization.

You may already know what are the feed and how they perform.
In simplest terms, feeds are the latest updated content of a web site. They are acting as alerts.
When new content appears on a site feeds are alerted.
Which usually publcly viewable. You can read feed contenet at any time using your browser or any other method, like 'igoogle'.

How You can view content of Other web sites.
For example go to CNN or any other web site which enabled feeds.
You can recognize whether feeds are available or not on a site by looking at address bar of the browser.
If feeds are enabled, a tiny squared icon (similar to above image)appears on right side of the address bar.
then you can click on that icon to view feeds or search the site for specific feed links.

Firefox Live Click

There's a good extension for firefox called "firefox live click". which you can view feed contents within your browser toolbar without going to or loading any web page.
Download "live click" here.
Firefox liveclick

After you installed 'liveclick' on firefox, Just left click on feed icon or a feed url of a web page and select "live bookmark this feed link" or "live bookmark this web page".

The importance of feeds to optmize blogger.

I have realized that adding feed content of web sites (specially popular web sites such as google or CNN) may dramattically improve your site's availability on search engines.
Because when google or any other search engine crawls our web site they crawls all the content of web site including feed content.
For example: If you have added feeds of CNN to your blog, the crawler assumes that feed contents are originally within your site and ultimately list the blog on search engine with a high rank.

Then if someone search google for "US flood", the probability to appear CNN content is very high,plus your url .
I have realised the fact long ago and that's why you can see some feed content within my blog.


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I don't know you entered in to a such a logic.
but all it depends on how feeds are matching to your content and key words.

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