Jul 17, 2008

Gmail and Google Calendar goes Offline

Gmail and Google calender is preparing to give an offline experience to their members.
Gmail and Google Calendar will add offline support in approximately 6 weeks.
In the past months, Google accidentally enabled the option in Google Calendar and some users saw the dialog illustrated below: "To view and edit the next 3 months of your Google Calendar when you're not connected to the Internet, click OK." Also it is said that Google will add SyncML support for Gmail contacts next month.
This is "related to the sync that they worked on with Apple for 3G iPhone". SyncML is a standard for data synchronization supported by a lot of companies. "SyncML is most commonly thought of as a method to synchronize contact and calendar information between some type of handheld device and a computer (personal, or network-based service), such as between a mobile phone and a personal computer."


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