Jul 27, 2008

Cuil, The new big search engine challenging Google

A big new search engine launched today, The Cuil. Developed and run by the husband-and-wife team of Stanford professor Tom Costello and former Google search architect Anna Patterson,
They says that the engine is launching with 120 billion pages indexed.
Cuil is bigger, faster, and better than Google's search engine in every way, Costello said to webware.

Costello also claims that Cuil's Web crawler is three times faster than Google's.

This is an image taken from Cuil search results page for the google.
You will see why Cuil is different from
Google at the first look of their earch result page.

One important difference between Cuil and Google is its ranking system. Rather than assigning priority to pages based on inbound links as Google does ("Pagerank"), Cuil analyzes the content of Web pages to divine their relevance to a search query. Costello said Cuil's search is "contextual," and that, "we're trying to understand the real world, not the Web."
(are you remember what google said few days ago !)

When you search for a common name, for example, Cuil will give you a categorized results under tabs. It will also break out sub-topics related to each name. If you search for "Google," there are different tabs for "Google" and all other related things with Google.
Cuil says these categorization and adding more info to search page, will add value to Cuil.

However Some important industrial features are still absent from Cuil, like image search etc.
Cuil browser toolbar, and widgets are coming soon.

The other thing is Google has not indexed the Cuil yet.

We will see in next few how Google respond to the newly emerged buddy.


mayooresan said...

Do you really think that cuil will get a chance to strike against Google.. Funny!

advix said...

yes we can see in next few days, google reactions to Cuil.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that cuil will get a chance to strike against Google.. Funny!

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